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My current theater setup is all Klipsch heritage consisting of mains Klipschorns center La Scala and rears Chorus I's. As of right now I am running 2 Klipsch R-115 subs and they are good for the price but I think compared to my other heritage gear they really arent on the same level. 

I am considering the Orbital shifters since many people I talk to seem to think I should go horn loaded since all my other speakers are except for the chorus's. It would most likely either be that or the Captivator S2. 

The room they would be going in is 21x19. Any and all input is appreciated. 

Theater setuo
Mains: Klipschorn 70th anniversary edition 
Center Klipsch La Scala 
Rears Klipsch Chorus I's 
AVP Emotiva XMC_1
Amp Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 channel 
Subs Klipsch R-115SW (x2) perhaps soon to be JTR...

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The Orbit Shifter LFU is a very musical subwoofer and can reproduce concert levels in your home however the S2 will dig down much deeper which can be beneficial. It just depends on your preferences.
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